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We're always interested in talent

Come join us in our dream to recruit better!

Do you want to positively impact the lives of others? Do you believe in equal opportunities? Do you care for the planet? Do you celebrate the success of others as well as your own? If you've answered yes, join us!

Join us in our mission!

We are on the lookout for people who are searching for meaningful work. For People who love the matchmaking process of recruitment, who love to hear peoples’ stories and who take a long term approach. Our founders have seen a lot of success as recruiters by simply caring for the people we work with. Whatever your experience, if you care about people being happy at work, we’d love to hear from you!

How we work

We are successful because we truly work as a team. Whether sharing ideas or candidates, we support each other and want everyone to succeed.

We are client led. This means you will have responsibility for developing and maintaining a partnership with a number of clients. You will be their recruitment champion, and you will know them inside out. When vacancies come in you will brief the whole team and everyone will work together to fill the role.

Working as a team like this doesn’t mean team commission, but it does mean you are encouraged and incentivised to work together to fill roles. This way we can make the best matches and have happier clients and candidates because of it.

We have created the most fair environment where your individual contribution will be valued.

Our values

We’re good

For the environment and for our communities.

  • We make business choices and use technology to reduce our impact on the environment. Anything from banning single use plastic in the office, having a no paper rule, to using an ethical hand soap, if we think of a way we can do good we’ll take it!

  • We also have four programmes that benefit the community which we’d love you to get involved in. From volunteering at worthy causes to coming up with crazy fundraising ideas. 

We’re committed

To creating an excellent working environment, to caring about our candidates and clients.

  • We’re committed to creating a culture where you can be completely yourself at work, where you feel supported and valued, and where you can work in a way that suits you.

  • We’re also committed to working with clients and candidates that share our values, where you won’t feel you are compromising your integrity. No fee is worth that much.

  • We are committed to doing our part to improve diversity and social mobility in law firms.

We’re Lunaria

Aka the Honesty Flower

  • The Lunaria is also known as the honesty flower, and this underpins everything we do. Every decision we make and every action we take. We are honest with clients, candidates and each other.

  • We take our partnerships and friendships with the people we meet very seriously and we know how important having trust is, and honesty is integral to maintaining trust.

Your training and support

We have an unconventional training programme as we don’t teach ‘sales techniques’.

We view our consultants as trusted advisors and experts in their field. Our training focusses on how you develop this expertise. How to properly advise clients and candidates. How to look for potential in people and how to recruit inclusively.

You will be mentored and supported by a someone who really cares about your development and your success. They will be someone you can talk to about anything, workwise or anything outside. We view you as a whole person, and we care about you achieving your goals in your personal life as much as we do your work life. Buying a house, engagements, babies, we celebrate them with you as if you were family!

Who should apply?

Anyone who likes the sound of us and who cares about helping people find their happy place at work.

In the past we have had success with law grads who know they haven’t wanted to qualify as a solicitor, or someone wanting to get into an HR role.

And of course we are keen to hear from experienced consultants who are looking for meaning and purpose in their role.

We are very flexible though, so if you feel you have what it takes, please so get in touch.


Diversity and Inclusion

We strongly believe a diverse workforce gives us a wider perspective, that bringing together our experiences will mean we can be the best recruiters and that together we can find the best talent with any background, and support the best to reach their potential.

As we are an equal opportunities organisation who value diversity, promote equality and challenge discrimination, we are especially keen to encourage applications from people currently under-represented. This includes those from the LGBT+ community, neurodiverse people, people with disabilities, and those from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background.

How to apply

Send your CV, a cover letter, or a video to our founder on

We don’t have specific vacancies that we will fit you into, we will create a role around you, your goals, interests and aspirations.

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Cat Clancy

Founder & Managing Partner

020 3997 3275

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