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Newly Qualified (NQ)

Supporting you on this exciting step as you qualify as a solicitor

Here to guide you through the important decision of what area to qualify into. Giving you advice on firms that have the right work, the right progression and the right culture for you.

Newly Qualified Recruitment in Detail

Our team work with paralegals who are future trainees and we stay with and support them throughout their training contract, being on hand to offer advice on which seats to request, if they should do a secondment abroad or in-house and how to manage the application process in their final seat. 

There is often movement at NQ level and this can be for a variety of reasons. We work closely with firms to see where their NQ gaps are and have a wide network of NQ's who have trained at top tier firms, from Magic Circle and US to highly regarded mid-sized firms. 

This can be a stressful time for both firm and candidate and often top candidates will have more than one offer. We partner closely with our clients and give regular feedback to ensure you have the best chance at securing your preferred candidates. 

Salaries at NQ level can vary hugely and so we spend a lot of time with the candidates to ascertain what their priorities in a role are. If someone is salary focussed, we wouldn't put them forward for roles where they are unlikely to accept if offered. We appreciate how precious your time is and operate with full transparency.

Who ya gonna call?

Cat Clancy

Managing Partner

Tel. 020 3997 3495

Cat has extensive experience supporting both firms and trainees when it comes to NQ recruitment

Cat - portrait and brightness 17.jpg

Sian Crichton


Tel. 020 3997 3275

Sian has a strong network of NQ candidates and provides strategic advice to find the best matches for NQ's and firms

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