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Temporary Paralegal

Our paralegals are ready now, eager for experience, and highly capable!

We can provide paralegals for when you have a project or requirement that needs flexibility. Whenever you want them, and for however long, we can match a fab candidate. 

Temporary Paralegals in Detail

Deadline looming close? Won a large piece of litigation? A client matter suddenly become more labour intensive? We know the strain teams can be put under at short notice, and our paralegals can be with you just as quickly


How quick? For the most part, we can have someone with you in an hour!


The good news is that today's paralegal has rapidly become much more than an eager assistant, they're now a highly-capable bunch of legal minds who're able to provide support large and complex matters as well as those simple-but-necessary functions. And we partner with them to develop a large and devoted talent pool.

We've met and pre-vetted all our candidates, and our on boarding process includes verifying educational and professional qualifications, and of course their right to work. We can provide paralegals on a fixed-term basis off your payroll, or we can manage the whole administrative side, to make it even simpler for you!

We provide a more cost effective solution than other providers, cutting out the third party and working directly with you. With over 12 years experience in recruiting paralegals we have an excellent network of candidates.

Who ya gonna call?

Cat Clancy

Managing Partner

Tel. 020 3997 3495

Cat has unrivalled experience placing high quality temporary paralegals at short notice and of managing the process to make sure it is hassle free for you

Cat - portrait and brightness 17.jpg

Sian Crichton


Tel. 020 3997 3427

Sian is a former lawyer from a top city law firm, who has a wide network of immediately available candidates 

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