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How we help in ways that matter

Committed to giving back to our community and beyond

Using our recruitment experience to help the wider community. Volunteering at charities that help disadvantaged people access work and young people access to opportunities they deserve.

What do our team do to help?

At Lunaria we find meaning and purpose in helping people. We have created Lunaria Does as a commitment to our staff and to you to be a force for good for the community. 

We are committed to donate the equivalent of at least 5% of our time to pro bono projects. 

Each week between 12-2pm on a Wednesday we hold a Career Clinic. Anyone (not just someone seeking work through us) can book a 30 minute slot to discuss anything career related, from their CV to their career options. We particularly encourage those from a diverse background or who are underrepresented to attend.

We provide mentoring on a pro bono basis to those in the recruitment profession through Women In Recruitment. 

Together the whole company volunteers for one of our chosen charities every quarter. Our Charities have been selected as they are local to our community and they have a positive impact on peoples work opportunities and the future generation entering the work force. We aim to use our experience in preparing people for interviews to teach the wider community employability skills.

On top of this, each member of the Lunaria team gets a Charity Day per month. A working day they can devote to a charitable or social cause of their choice. This can be anything from spending an afternoon reading with children at the local school, to giving blood, or jumping out of a plane in a sponsored skydive!

On an ad-hoc basis we will also be doing donation drives, donating left over food from events, and running events to raise money for charities.

Our Chosen Charities

Dress for Success & Suited & Booted

These charities provide people with clothes to attend interview and start work in, and coaching on how to prepare for and ace an interview.



Focussing on inner city London children, Inspire! aim to improve young people’s access to the world of work, raise achievement levels and enhance their future career prospects and lives.

Links with more information about these charities are below

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