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In-House Lawyer

For every level and every area of law

Using both technical legal skills and commercial acumen, in-house legal roles are very attractive to talented lawyers. Our clients also love the commercial benefits of having an in-house lawyer. 

In-House Lawyer Recruitment In Detail

Over the last 10 years we have seen a huge growth in in-house legal teams across all sectors. No longer just for commercial lawyers, we have seen an increase in the demand for in-house real estate lawyers, in-house corporate lawyers, in-house IP lawyers, in-house employment lawyers and even in-house litigation lawyers!


As teams have grown so have the opportunities for lawyers at all levels. No longer do you have to have the magic 4 PQE before you move in-house, there are roles from NQ level upwards. With a larger team comes more support and you will still get the same learning and development opportunities with the added bonus of being able to have more autonomy and more contact with your stakeholders.

We have built up a wide network of lawyers who are waiting for that perfect in-house lawyer role to arise. Whether it is temp or contract to cover maternity or a project, or a permanent role we will have the talent for you.


Not every lawyer suits in-house, and we spend a lot of time getting to know them and their aspirations, and giving them an insight into what life is like in-house. Making sure they know they won’t have access to a secretary or a trainee in the same way as in private practice, and that they might have to get their ‘hands dirty’ more often. We have a good feel for who has the added attributes needed to be successful in an in-house role and you can feel assured you will be receiving applications from us who not only tick the technical boxes, but will also be the right cultural fit.

Who ya gonna call?

Cat Clancy

Managing Partner

Tel. 020 3997 3495

Cat has 12 years experience working with in-house teams and understands the additional skills required for lawyers to be successful in-house

Cat - portrait and brightness 17.jpg

Sian Crichton


Tel. 020 3997 3427

Sian has a network of overseas qualified lawyers as well as UK qualified who have excellent in-house experience 

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