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In-House Paralegal

Rapidly becoming the preferred choice for paralegals

Being closer to the business, working in smaller teams, the chance for more responsibility is all very attractive to paralegals. Our clients also love the commercial benefits of having an in-house paralegal.

In-House Paralegal Recruitment In Detail

Working In-House is quickly/increasingly becoming a preferred choice for paralegals. Being closer to the business, working in a smaller team, the chance for more responsibility is all very attractive to paralegal candidates.


We have developed expertise in recruiting paralegals specifically for the in-house market and understand the unique requirements and challenges of finding the right match. Our paralegals will have completed at least a law degree or GDL and will be able to demonstrate academic excellence throughout their studies. From a recent law graduate to someone with a few years experience, we can provide you with any option. We are experts in spotting talent from private practice who have the skills and mind set to make the move in-house, as well as those who already have in-house experience.


A high proportion of our paralegals are future trainees who are seeking work before starting their training contract. Perfect if you need a specific project completed or to cover a fixed period. We have also helped a number of in-house legal teams with their graduate recruitment by placing talented paralegals with the view to starting as Trainees after 12 months.


We spend a lot of time finding the best talent and getting to know our candidates, what is important to them, what makes them tick, and what their strengths are outside of their technical ability. We analyse this information to create a whole picture to find you the best match. A candidate for a start-up will look very different to a candidate for an investment bank.


Our On-Demand paralegal service is perfect for in-house teams. If you need someone at short notice we can provide a more cost effective solution over instructing external counsel.

Who ya gonna call?

Cat Clancy

Managing Partner

Tel. 020 3997 3495

Cat has been placing paralegals successfully for over twelve years, and led two award winning teams for best paralegal recruitment

Cat - portrait and brightness 17.jpg

Sian Crichton


Tel. 020 3997 3427

Sian is a former lawyer from a top city law firm, who's knowledge and advice is invaluable for firms and paralegals alike 

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