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Let's get started

It looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership

Everything we do is about building a partnership and becoming friends. The kind of friends you can call on if you have a seemingly impossible role to fill, or you need 20 people to start tomorrow.

Request a Callback

Request a Callback


We'll be in touch very soon

Contact us on 020 3997 3275 or to discuss your vacancy with our friendly experts, or complete our form below and one of our team will hop on the phone to find out more!

What happens next

Initial Call

Recruitment Champion Assigned

Vacancy brief taken


We will get the consultant that is the best match for your business and needs, with expertise to understand and fill your vacancy with the highest quality candidate in the quickest time to give you a call.

This person will become your recruitment champion. They will be dedicated to getting to know you, your firm, your values and your culture.

We will listen to the details of your vacancy, and ask vital questions so we understand the fundamentals of the role and what the unique requirements are. 


We work on a client led basis, we choose to work with fewer companies, so we can become a real partner. This is the first step in building that relationship. 

We will be honest, if we don't feel we have the right expertise to do an amazing job for you, we'll let you know!

Team set to work

Whole team work on the role

Cutting edge technology


Your recruitment champion will brief the whole team on the role. We work each and every role collectively so you have a diverse team working to find you the best candidates in the market.

To source the best talent in the quickest time we use cutting edge technology, have a strong presence on a variety of job boards, and tap into our unrivalled network built from our 20 years recruitment experience. 

Candidates will be fully briefed on the role, with transparency over the good bits and the challenges of the role, the salary and prospects for progression.

Candidates Shortlisted

Super excited candidates

Strong matches


The team will pool all interested and available candidates together and then discuss who the most suitable matches are.


We appreciate how valuable your time is and so we don't have targets. We will only send the candidates who are a strong match and who are super excited about the role. 

We will be mindful of the diversity of the shortlist. For example, if the shortlist consists of only female candidates, we will ask ourselves why, and try to find suitable male options. 


Super excited recruitment consultants

Technology to arrange interviews


Yay the team love the CV's we've sent! We'll probably do a little dance as we get super excited for our candidates when we get them an interview. 


We understand arranging interviews can be time consuming for you. We are using innovative technology to have real time information about our candidates availability to streamline this process and reduce the admin. 

This also helps to reduce the chance of candidates withdrawing from the process and losing out on top talent.

Your recruitment champion will provide the candidates feedback within 24 hours and keep you informed if they are in any other recruitment processes.

Offer time!

Happy place found!

Support until start date


The bit of our job that we love the best, when we've helped the team find their person and the person find their happy place. 

We guide the candidate through the process of handing their notice in, and will support them with anything they need in the lead up to their start date. 


“A huge thank you for helping to place me with Latham. The team here are lovely :) Thank you for going over and above (Whatsapp calls when I was abroad!) and for your hard work in arranging all the interviews”

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