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We smash barriers!

Supporting you to reach your diversity and social mobility goals

We have the most comprehensive training programme and recruitment method for our staff to make sure we as an agency are not putting barriers up for candidates during the hiring process. 

Why it's important

Having strong diversity and social mobility strategies is good for business and bottom line. And it is the right thing to do.


We know you already know this, and are doing great work internally to improve diversity and social mobility. And you deserve a recruitment agency that is supporting your goals.

We have an innovative method of recruiting to find that top talent and to make sure we aren't putting any barriers up from the moment we advertise through to when the CV reaches you, we are mindful of our approach and process.

Our Method


Clear non-gender specific language

Posting adverts in a variety of places


Contextual Analysis

Unconscious bias training


Decisions made by a diverse team

Potential and values based decisions


Conducted by a minimum two consultants 

Structured to bring out the best in a candidate


Can be redacted at your request

Presented in a standard neutral way


To ensure we are completing the above steps correctly

To present you with diverse options

We can go further

This is the level of service you will get as standard from all of our consultants. We also offer a range of bespoke services tailored to your individual requirements. 

Do you want to improve diversity in certain departments? Do you want to retain your talent for longer? Do you want to offer work placements but don't know where to start?

Whatever your goal we can produce bespoke plans for you.


Call us to find out more. 

Who ya gonna call?

Cat Clancy


Tel. 0203 997 3275

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