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We want to be a Force for Good

Recruitment with purpose and with care for people and planet

Our core belief is that recruitment can be a force for good.  We have committed our business to having a triple bottom line and we have created a number of initiatives to help us reach our social responsibility goals.

How we help people

We have a vision of a world where everyone has equal opportunity to jobs and equal opportunity to reach the top.


To play our part in this, we have created four programmes with the aim of levelling the playing field. Each one has been developed carefully to have a meaningful impact. We have decided to keep these open for anyone to use and to apply to, so we can have a positive impact on as many people as possible.

lunaria Hub

Free forum providing advice and information specific to starting and succeeding in a career in law


Paid internship to help disadvantaged and disabled talent gain corporate office experience

lunaria Grant

Grant for Untapped Talent to help reduce the cost barriers to entering the legal profession

lunaria Does

Volunteer programme to help our community, giving back with both our time and raising money

How we help the planet

Part of our mission is to conduct business in a sustainable way, reducing our impact on the environment.

We believe every individual has a part to play, and that even small choices collectively can have a big impact. We believe businesses have an even bigger part to play, and we take our part seriously. We have outlined a selection of the initiatives we have implemented so far.  

New Project (3).png

We implement a "switch off" policy for all electrical items

We buy ethical office supplies

We've banned 

single-use plastic

We're aiming to go paperless by 2020

We do meat free Mondays!

We walk or use public transport instead of taxi's

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