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Life Outside Private Practice (1): What Does a Pro Bono Manager Do?

Following on from our article “2020: A Good or Bad Time to Consider a Move In-House?”, we are going to be bringing you a series of articles about alternative careers outside of the traditional fee earning model within private practice. Today’s article focuses on the increasing importance of pro bono and the role of pro bono managers within law firms.

Whilst COVID-19 has undeniably had a raft of negative consequences, one very positive consequence (which could be seen from the weekly "Clap for Carers and the uptake in local community groups) is the wave of altruism that has swept across the UK. On an informal basis, law firms are also reporting that they have seen both an uptake in interest from fee earners in getting involved in pro bono work and also increased demand from the Third Sector for services in light of the economic turmoil that COVID-19 has brought. As such, as a lawyer in private practice, you may have recently found that you have the time to engage in pro bono and that this is something that you are passionate about. If so, and you are considering a move outside of fee earning, then a career as a pro bono manager within private practice may be right for you.

All of these factors combined have made firms realise the importance of a strong pro bono offering and as a result, we are seeing more and more firms carve out specific roles for pro bono managers.

Should the description of the role pique your interest and you are interested in having a

confidential chat with one of our specialist legal compliance consultants about the contents of your CV/the types of roles and salaries that we are seeing for these positions, then please do send your CV through to with the email subject “What Does a Pro Bono Manager Do?!” and we will happily arrange a time to talk through your experience in depth and help to identify the relevant pro-bono experience you already have and your transferable skills and provide advice on how to structure your CV to give you the best chance of securing an interview.


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