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CV Key Words: Commercial Property Paralegals

Updated: May 13, 2020

If you’re reading this then you’re likely a Commercial Property Paralegal who’s read our amazing posts on building your CV and you’re thinking to yourself “Ooooooh I’m going to be so diligent, build my CV up, get a great job, become Harvey Specter, make loads of money, find success, become famous, become known as a world leader.” but there is one fatal flaw in this (very reasonable) line of reasoning.

You’re in property and you have no idea what key words to put on your CV to be instantly attractive law firms, not be filtered out through keyword searches, and achieve world leadership as you rightly deserve!

First step is deciding if you are a “Property” paralegal, or a “Real Estate” paralegal. Pretty much go with whatever the role you’re applying for calls it - not rocket science!

Second step is working out what key words are going to stand out to recruiters who're CV searching, and not get caught out by some of the automated HR systems!

Basically here’s what to include:

Negotiating commercial leases

Assigning leases/licenses

Terminating leases

Filing applications with Land Registry

Land Registry searches

Freehold/Leasehold property

Dealing with post-completion matters

Liaising with client/stakeholders

Drafting letters/memos

Purchase agreements

That's it. Seriously. Include all of them (if you've done them) and your commercial property CV goes from:

To this:

Look at this and think - yes, I CAN make property law look interesting!



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