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How your email address can ruin your job application

Updated: May 11, 2020

You’ve worked hard to make your CV look amazing (and if you haven’t done this yet, make sure you look at our other posts!) now it is time to make sure your email address isn’t ruining your chances to get your dream job.

Chances are you will either be sending your CV via email or have your email on the top of your CV.

If you are sending your CV via email, the first thing that will be seen is your email address. It is the first chance you get to show credibility. Studies show that trusting a sender is the single most important factor to whether someone opens an email.

Who would you trust more?

If it looks even slightly suspicious, or sounds unprofessional, the hiring manager might think the email could contain a virus and delete the email before even reading your application. Or the firms firewall could filter you out.

Can you repeat that again?

Let’s say the hiring team have reviewed your CV and want to contact you to invite you to interview (yay) but your email is difficult to read, contains numbers, dashed and underscores. There is a chance your email is inputted incorrectly, you may never even know that you had been invited to interview!

What gives you the best chance of your email being typed in correctly?

Also think about giving your email address over the phone… Is that the number ‘1’ or is it written ‘one’ is that ‘and’… I mean I could go on, there are many ways this email could be taken down wrong.

I've had my email since I was 15!

Yes, we can tell! You may have thought it was humorous then, but it may be stopping you from achieving your goals now! Be strict with yourself... and think is it time to get a new email address for job hunting?

My name is not available!

Chances are unless you were super speedy, your has gone.

But don't despair, there are other professional, easy to spell options out there. It make take you some time, but this email will be with you for years, and it is better to spend some time on it to get it right and to make sure it isn't ruining your chance to get your dream job.

Here is our guide to some options to try.

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