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How Do Down Under Lawyers Get Up Over?

Updated: May 13, 2020

G’day or Hey Bro (pronounced “brew”)!

So you’re a qualified lawyer/solicitor/barrister/law graduate from Australia or New Zealand and thinking about making that move to London to travel and further your career? You probably have a few questions….

It is almost a rite of passage for Aussie and Kiwi lawyers to gain experience in the UK. The London Legal market is huge, and offers the chance to work on large scale international matters, to work in-house at global companies and to work flexibly and travel around Europe. The experience often leads to landing a better legal job when you head back down under, so it’s no wonder why so many leave the wonderful lands of Koalas or Kiwi’s, beaches and sunshine to work in London.

What time of year should I relocate?

When it is right for you personally! Whether that is when your rental period is coming to an end, or to fit in with family life events. The market here is an interesting one, although in general summer and Christmas are meant to be quieter, over the last couple of years that hasn’t been the case. So we recommend rather than basing it on the buoyancy of the London market, to make it fit in with you.

Ok, I am definitely coming to London, what do I do next?

So now you know it is the right move for you, and you’ve decided when to move, it’s time to look at the practical side of relocating to the UK.

It can be a minefield trying to navigate the UK government websites to find information on Visa’s and National Insurance, and even opening a bank account can be easy peasy or difficult depending on who you go with!

So we've collected some simple information for a bunch of questions we most often get asked, and handily put it all here:

Our team at Lunaria Partners have been helping overseas qualified lawyers find work in the UK for over 10 years. Whether it is private practice or in-house, temporary or longer term, we have the contacts and experience to help you find the right role for you.

Contact one of our team on for individual advice.


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